Oh My Goddess Bandana
Oh My Goddess Bandana

Oh My Goddess Bandana

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A goddess inspired bandana illustrating ten goddesses from different eras and cultures with the words "OH MY GODDESS" going around the center. 

The Goddesses are...
-Citlalicue the Aztec Goddess of stars, death, and darkness
-Beyonce the American Goddess of.... well.... everything?
-Artemis the Greek Goddess of the hunt
-Minerva the Roman Goddess of war and wisdom
-Freya/Friia/Frigg the Norse Goddess that presides over the afterlife
-Kali the Hindu Goddess of death
-Isis the Egyptian Mother Goddess
-Abuk the African Goddess of women and gardens
-Izanami the Japanese Goddess of birth and death
-The Morrigan the Celtic Goddess of war and Queen of Demons

Black bandana measuring at 21.5x21.5in screen-printed with metallic gold ink.

This product is designed 100% by me and printed sustainably by hand in Baltimore by Black Collar Press on 100% cotton bandanas.

Each item is shipped in a small padded envelope.

10% of your purchase will be donated.