Since 2017 Close Call Studio has committed to donating 10% of all sales. In the past the organizations were chosen in advance on a monthly rotation but I found that some months would generate far more sales than others, leaving a staggering gap between different donations. I also noticed that as things were going on in the world around, different needs come up at different times and I wanted to support more urgent current efforts but had already committed to donate to another organization. So I've decided instead to pick the organizations as I go and distribute the funds evenly across the board! Be sure to follow along @closecallstudio on Instagram where I'll share all the donations as they happen!

As of 2020 Close Call Studio is now committed to distributing donations to local (Baltimore) Mutual Aid efforts and artist grants in addition to verified charities and organizations. 

As of 2021 Close Call Studio has started a Monthly Mutual Aid Raffle on Instagram the first Monday of each month. More info on how to participate in the link!