Postcard 20 Packs
Postcard 20 Packs

Postcard 20 Packs

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Great in the mail, a frame, or as a gift! All 20 postcards measuring at 4 3/4 x 4 3/4in

-Be Teachable, Be Correctable, Be Patient, Be Consistent, Be Vigilant

-Thank You for Being a Friend

-Do the Work Inside While You Do the Work Outside

-Care About Other People

-You Must Nourish to Flourish

-No Justice No Peace

-Progress is Not Linear

-The Best You Can Do is the Best You Can Do

-Knowledge is Power

-Grow Your Own Way

-Live in the Now

-Trying Times are Times for Trying

-It's Okay if you Need to Cry

-I'm Just Lucky to be Alive

-Keep Pushing for Change

-You Are Enough

-Here for You

-You are Worth More than What You Produce

-You Do You

-You are Not Alone

Each item is shipped in a small envelope.

10% of your purchase will be donated to charity.